Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Need job perfect interview

         If you need a job you should know that most of the time it doesn't matter how good you are at something or how much you know or experience you have if you don't have a good first interview. If you need a job the first step to having a prefect interview is being prepared knowing your dress attire you should be in for the interview which is as easy as asking the administrator or individual who called you to set up the interview. Generally a shirt and tie will do depending on the position which could be as easy as a clean polo. No employer will hold against you for asking what to wear.
          Next once you have received the the information you need for attire. Now we need to know what we applied for many time when we are tired of our current position at work and we apply for many position all at once so now that the interview is set lets make sure we know what we are interviewing for. There are many ways on going about this first we can review there website or just simply ask the administrator who called us. It is never a good idea of asking the hiring manager what you applied for so be prepared and ask questions to the Administrator she is your life saver.
            Now that we are prepared for our needed job we have to set a good first impression so be ten minutes early to the interview. Remember you never have a second chance at a first good impression! We walk into the lobby and hand the Admin our resume and sit in one of the lobby chairs. There may be a few minute wait so be comfortable and confidently while you are waiting in the lobby. When the Hiring manager calls for you, stand greet him/her and firmly shake his/her hand. Sit in his/her office confidently and upright, remember never to be cocky to the hiring manager remember how bad the economy is right now. The questions you do have make sure you ask them phrased "what I'm looking for is" not "Lets not waste each others time I'm looking for" this is going to allow you to go home after the interview even if you don't want the position and be able to leave it as a liable option. economy is tough right now so lets make sure we keep all our options open and dont get our ego in the way  of our next meal.